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The Last Sock You'll Ever Buy

Posted on June 21 2018

Off-roading destroys everything - especially clothing.  Half the time, socks are a one and done deal when your racing, pre-running or simply enjoying the desert. Dirt Co. designed “The Off-Road Sock” to withstand the punishment of harsh conditions while using the properties of bamboo to balance comfort and durability. 

Extreme heat is always an issue in the desert, so we chose bamboo for its moisture wicking properties.  Bamboo is a renewable resource grown globally and is eco friendly. Bamboo viscose absorbs and evaporates humidity better than any other yarn available. It keeps your feet dry and cool even in extreme heat.  Dirt, rocks and sand in your shoes cause additional friction and discomfort. Dirt Co. made the mid cushion in our off-road sock a bit thicker than the normal sock for added durability and comfort. 

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The antibacterial properties of Bamboo also allow multiple days of use without smelling so weather you are pre-running, chasing or just out having fun off-roading you don’t have to worry about changing your socks daily.  Yeah, you know you've done it.  The best part about these socks is we've washed them 50 times and they still feel as nice as the first time we put them on.  

Amidst all of these great qualities, unfortunately they're still not cholla proof.  See for yourself why they're the last sock you'll ever buy. 

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