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Mint 400 Decanters

“Jim Beam” Whiskey decanters were produced from 1970-1976 as a means of commemorating and annual running of The Mint 400 race in Las Vegas, NV. Although hundreds of these decanters were produced, the rate of attrition has increased with every passing year. As time goes on fewer of these vintage pieces of classic americana exist.

A limited run of 2,000 decanters were produced in 2018 and 2019 and each driver of record will received one with their entry. 

1)  Decanters filled with City Lights Whiskey Moonshine can be reserved through Dirt Co.  This reservation can only be picked up onsite during The Mint 400 week at Atomic Liquors.  All bottle not picked up at the event will be refunded to the purchaser.  No exceptions.  

2)  Decanters NOT filled with City Lights Moonshine can ship anywhere in the world.  These are great for people unable to attend The Mint 400 but still would like a piece of history.

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