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One if by Land Two if by Sea

Posted on July 27 2020

Summer is in full swing right now and so is the tuna fishing! 
Just last week some of the Dirt Co. crew including Kilian Hamlin, Mike Cafro, Michael Archibald, and Matt Martelli went out for a quick day fishing trip and absolutely slayed the tuna. Yellowfin and Bluefin tuna were popping and the battles to get them in the boat were epic. Twin brothers Ray and Anthony of the Wild Goose put us on the big fish all day with big smiles. Our Dirt Co. light face shields, made of micro-mesh fabric, were perfect for fishing because they cut 30% of UV rays which is a lifesaver with all the light refraction from the water. In line with tradition that dates back thousands of years, Matt ate the heart from the first Bluefin we caught showing respect to these amazingly beautiful and powerful fish.

After the amazing day hunting on the water, the Dirt Co. crew went straight to Chef Davin Waite’s famed Sushi fusion restaurant, The Wrench and The Rodent, and handed some of the fish over to Davin to do what he does best, make amazing Sushi. There is nothing in better in the world than eating fresh Bluefin sashimi that you caught yourself. Epic days on the water are a great balance to riding out in the desert, especially when it's over 100 degrees and blazing hot out there. Get out and do something extraordinary this summer and who knows, you may just bring in the catch of the day! 

Next stop the Wrench and Rodent!


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