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Jimco “Maximus” Unlimited Trophy Truck

Posted on October 20 2019

The Jimco “Maximus” Unlimited Trophy Truck

The distillation of over 40 years of off-road warfare has created the new Jimco “Maximus” Unlimited Trophy Truck. The pinnacle of off-road racing performance, the “Maximus” can take on the brutality of the desert at speeds excess of 145 mph, a feat that makes them truly the most remarkable vehicles on the planet. The Gen 3 Jimco “Maximus” features a complete re engineered CAD verified chassis design, The platform is a perfect balance between technology and what actually works in the extremities of off-road battle including the vehicles amazing suspension,  26 inches of wheel travel in the front and 34 inches in the back! Many technologies are implemented in off-road racing and most fail. The Maximus stays right on the cutting edge while still being extremely reliable. As the late off-road legend Rod Hall stated “You must first finish to finish first!” 


The Maximus platform features:


In the rear

The newly designed rear suspension geometry allows the truck to utilize the newest designs in shock technology. This allows Jimco optimize the FOX 4.0 Front and 4.4 Rear with full bypass technology utilizing the shocks full potential from full droop to full bump while maintaining maximum travel and forward bite. Jimco works hand and hand with FOX Shox to develop new suspension technology.


In the front

The new Jimco also features the robust Howe performance steering box, along with the Jimco designed swing set with ram assist which allows driver easier steering and control, less fatigue and proper Ackermann steering geometry.

Power to weight ratio

Power vs weight was at the top of the list when considering every design aspect of this vehicle right down to the 100 gallon carbon fiber fuel cell can. A true evolution in off-road vehicle design utilizing F1 vehicle design cues.The Maximus features a Custom Dougans Chevy Big Block V8 with 1015 Horsepower and 850 Foot pounds of torque. This custom power plant is specifically designed to handle the brutality of off-road racing matching power with bulletproof reliability.


Fit and finish

The driver ergonomics have been significantly improved, Jimco owner Robbie Pierce’s background in proper seating for motorsports and military vehicles has seriously contributed to an improved driver compartment. The Shell Style Momo Super Cup seats are wrapped with the new Momo Jimco Camlock Restraints and finished with the Momo mod 80 steering wheel. The Maximus is pure race car.

Full Package

The Jimco Maximus chassis’ can easily be packaged with multiple types of power plants and transmissions. This is where Jimco shines, it’s not just about getting all the best components stuffed into a box, it’s about having a design that allows each component to work to its full potential and be serviceable…….  sometimes in the middle of the night, in the middle of Baja during an all out war.

This is the personal race vehicle of Jimco owner Robbie Piece. He is the living embodiment of the idea “We race what we sell”. The Jimco platform benefits from the Robbie’s background in motorsport safety, as member of ICMS (the International Council of Motorsports Science) Robbie uses the knowledge he has gained in making all Jimco vehicles the safest they can be. From properly positioned and mounted seats and restraints to fire suppressions systems driver safety is always at the top of the list.  

Steel Sharpens Steel

This third generation Jimco unlimited trophy truck is an evolution of the previous platform that has been the only vehicle to win the brutal Mint 400 three times.

Wheelbase 125″

Track Width 92"

Weight: 6100 lb

PWR: 6 x 1 - 0.166 hp/lb

Wheel Travel: Front: 26″ - Rear: 34″

Suspension: FOX 4.0 Front and 4.4 Rear Full Bypass Technology

Rear End: 4 Link

Steering: Howe Performance Steering Box

Jack System: Howe Performance Hydraulic Jack System 

Tires: 40″ Tall BFGoodrich KR3 Tires

Wheels: 17″ Trail Ready Beadlock Race Wheels

Brakes: Brembo Race Braking System

Body: Ford Raptor Custom Fiberglass

Seats: Impact Carbon Fiber HS1

Nets & Belts: MasterCraft Safety Nets + Jimco Designed MOMO Camlock Restraints

Engine: Dougans Custom 555ci Big Block 8 Stack V8 Engine Package

Horsepower: 1015 hp

Torque: 850 ft lbs

Transmission: Fortin FRST5 Speed Sequential

ECU: MoTeC M130 engine management system


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