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Grill the Perfect Burger and Pork Chop with Chef Mario

Posted on November 11 2020

Learn how to grill the perfect burger and pork chop with Chef Mario Moser to maximize flavor. Mario is head Chef at Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen in Oceanside, CA that specializes in American Rustic Cuisine. The Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen brings you fresh. locally sourced organic food including compart duroc pork, Salmon Creek farms pork, Certified Angus Beef, local fish, and sustainably farmed seafood. 

Watch as Mario breaks down some of the tricks of grilling a perfect burger and pork chop, everything from selecting high-quality meat to setting up your coals to chopping your condiments, seasoning your meat, and how to tell when your burger and pork chop is done. Mario cooks up some a mouth-watering burger and pork chop from Stay Classy Meats. Stay Classy Meats provides high-quality small-batch meats direct to your door.


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