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Dirt Co. Tuna Breakdown

Posted on August 07 2020

The Dirt Co. crew just got back from an epic local fishing trip and pulled down 7 Bluefin and 6 Yellowfin. They needed a little help with properly fileting the tuna to maximize the yield, so they asked their good friend Chef Davin Waite to show them how to do it the right way!

Learn how to break down an entire Bluefin Tuna from Chef Davin Waite and how to maximize your yield while reducing food waste. Most people throw away many of the best-tasting parts of the fish from the eyes, to the cheeks, and even the bones for making soup. Get these pro tips and more from one of the best sushi chefs around and learn how most of the tuna can be utilized.

Hungry yet? Chef Davin Waite's critically acclaimed restaurant The Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub specializes in creative sushi fusion combining the best of the best with what’s fresh and available using different local species of fish. Enjoy the show!


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