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DIRT CO. "OG8 Truck" T-Shirt

Posted on October 09 2019

The Dirt Co. OG8 Truck artwork was inspired by a flat out, bad ass race truck created by Steve Olliges and built by Mark Newhan.  Steve is one of the original Rough Riders and started off-road racing just out of high school in 1981.  He has earned over 30 class wins and 7 championships in the sport and knows a thing or two about building exceptional vehicles.  The original off-road truck, the Class 8 Truck, spawned it all.  What started as street vehicles quickly evolved into capable off-road race trucks, eventually giving way to unlimited trophy trucks.  Class 8 Trucks had all the styling of street trucks, from step sides to flare sides and hood scoops - 8 Trucks made trucks cool!  Everyone from Chuck Norris to Lee Majors had a version of an 8 Truck.

Steve Olliges with a couple of his creations

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