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Cook the Perfect Pork Chop with Chef Willy Eick

Posted on August 27 2020

People fear the pork chop because they are easy to overcook turning them into a grilled hockey puck. Learn how to grill the perfect pork chop from Chef William Eick. Most known for creating meticulous Umami style dishes at his weekly pop up Matsu and throughout the week at Mission Ave. Bar and Grill. “Willy” is so obsessive about the dishes he creates he has even created his own “Milk Bread” buns to ensure the final taste of his sandwiches, which are now sought after by other world-class chefs. 

Watch how Chef Willy shows you how to cook up the perfect mouth-watering pork chop and pork wings from Stay Classy Meats. Stay Classy Meats provides high-quality small-batch meats direct to your door.


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