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Coco's Corner

Posted on September 10 2020

Known to many globe travelers looking for adventure, especially off-roaders, Coco's Corner is one of the most infamous crossroads in Northern Baja.  Its contributions to off-road race courses are paramount, connecting the better known San Felipe to the lesser known Laguna Chapala. 

Coco, the 80+ year old gatekeeper and man with legendary notoriety, lives a simple but challenging life after losing both of his legs due to complications of diabetes.   Beer canned fences and sun beaten artifacts line the property and those who've been know Coco welcomes all people with a notebook and home filled with a lifetime of names, stories and birthplaces from all over the earth, and of course a cold beer.  
Recently Coco's truck transmission gave out, causing him to crawl on his hands and limbs 1.5 miles back to his house.  Luckily a few off-roaders happened by the next morning and helped him tow his truck back to his house.  He has no phone or other means of communication at his house.  The group, led by Larry Smith, found numerous other problems with his truck - both present or future.   A mechanic in the group to help with the assessment and it was clear that this truck was beyond repair. 



In Coco's situation, he needs a dependable vehicle not only for everyday supplies but for medical visits to Ensenada.  The group has started a GoFundMe page to raise money to purchase Coco a better vehicle so he won't be left in that situation again.
To help raise funds for Coco's new truck, we've launched the brand new "Coco's Corner" T-Shirt available now at   $10.00 from every sale will go directly to the GoFund me page set up to help get Coco closer to his new truck.  


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