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Celebrate 50 Years of Off Road Adventure in Baja

Posted on December 18 2017

For 50 years a select group of adventure seekers has spent the month of November studying maps of a mystic peninsula called Baja. Their dreams manifest themselves through a journey filled with dust, cactus thorns, amazing vistas and horsepower. For each of them the dream ends at the bottom of a map.

“A map is the greatest of all epic poems. Its lines and colors show the realizations of great dreams.”

Gilbert Grosvenor

This 50th Anniversary Commemorative Baja map is a hand made piece of art printed on archival canvas with high quality oiled leather trim measuring 20” x 60″. It showcases the 1967 route used in the first 1000 mile off road race in Baja as a red line down the peninsula and this year’s 50th anniversary route in blue. 

• Limited edition of 1,000
• Printed on museum quality canvas using lightfast inks
• Leather hem, hand sewn
• Edition number stamped on leather flap
• Leather aged and oiled by hand
• Collectors item


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