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Parker 400 "Manny Esquerra" Tribute Shirt (White)


As we continue to evolve as Unlimited Off-Road Racing it’s important to us to honor the people that came before us and built the culture of off-road racing. Parker, AZ native Manny Esquerra “King of The Desert” earned countless race wins in his iconic FORD Ranger and a dozen major series championships.

Manny was always known for his competitive nature and could beat the competition in many different ways but he was always gracious in victory and in defeat. He was also known for his compassion toward others and was known to have returned to the course after he had finished to help a fellow competitor get to the finish line.

Manny was a teacher and mentor to a number of race teams and drivers that have risen to the top of the sport because of his guidance and counsel. We created this custom Manny Esquerra “King of The Desert” tribute shirt for the return of The Parker 400 - January 10th -14th in beautiful Parker, AZ.


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