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Dirt Co. "Rocker" Patch (White)


These (1" X 4") embroidered patches exude a bold, adrenaline-fueled aesthetic, perfect for the off-road aficionado who wants to make a statement. The stark black-and-white design screams ruggedness, with the "DIRT CO." branding emblazoned in aggressive, all-caps lettering that looks as tough as the terrain these enthusiasts conquer. The arched rocker shape is reminiscent of a dirt track's curve, evoking the thrill of wheels kicking up a cloud of dust. These patches are not just accessories; they're badges of honor for those who live to hear the roar of engines and aren't afraid to get a little dirty in the pursuit of adventure. They're the quintessential mark of a community that thrives on the edge, where only the gritty dare to tread.


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