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Baja California Peninsula 101: 101 Ways to Explore Baja

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From Tijuana to Los Cabos, the Baja California Peninsula awaits the adventurous.  This slender fragment of land is surrounded by two seas - the indomitable Pacific and the peaceful Sea of Cortez - which have shaped it as a bona fide jewel filled with eco-diversity, making it one of the meccas of ecotourism.  A singular cultural melting pot, the Mexican California merges local heritage with the cosmopolitan influence of its visitors.  This land embraces those who seek close encounters with nature, those who are fond of surfing, those who enjoy trekking, the ecolodge fanatics, sea lovers, adventurous driver, and “party animals” alike.  


101 Baja California Peninsula presents a photographical tour along the 1000+ miles of the Transpeninsular Highway, introducing places, traditions and activities which are “must sees” for those visitors to the Baja Peninsula.  It is for those who want to live the authentic experience, without staged scenarios, just plain, natural Baja.  This guide offers useful pictures and information about 101 emblematic spots of the region, including: location, things to do, historical facts, and curious events.  Last but not least, it is a work of art in its own right, both visually appealing as well as interesting and valuable in content. 


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