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The Mint 400

50th Anniversary Mint 400 Nidus Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley



To celebrate The Mint 400’s 50th Anniversary, The Martelli Brothers have enlisted top talents from the acclaimed Napa Valley to bring together an exclusive offering like no other.  Crafted by Sabrina Massola of one of the top wineries in Napa and selected by Master Sommelier, Emmanuel Kemiji, this wine certainly lives up to the legend of why Napa Valley and Cabernet are king. The 2015 NIDUS Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon comes from volcanic soils in the foothills of the Atlas Peak region of Napa Valley and only three barrels have been produced for The Mint 400.  This wine delivers a bold rich concentration of black and blue fruits, dark chocolate, and hints of cedar with a classic, integrated long finish to take you over the finish line. We raise our glass to those who love the dirt as much as we do and hope you enjoy this very limited selection while celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the largest offroad race in North America, THE MINT 400.


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