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Vincent Knakal

Vincent Knakal ( is a commercial and editorial photographer based in Southern California. 

Graduating from Otis / Parson’s Art Institute, his roots have always run deep in the arts. During his studies he worked in professional photography labs in Los Angeles. This allowed him access to state of the art equipment for processing and printing film and mastering the art of the darkroom.

Vincent began his photography career, by capturing dynamic imagery of people and the environment during his travels throughout the world and exhibiting his work in galleries along the West Coast of the United States. 

Vincent settled in San Diego in the mid 90s and shifted his focus toward commercial and editorial photography.  He teamed up with Matt Martelli, the founder of Mad Media and began to work within the action sports and automotive industries. 

His eye for detail and sense of timing is obvious in his work. Over the years, he has captured athletes and their machines around the globe in categories ranging from off-road to asphalt, in both two and four wheeled categories.

Throughout his career he has been graced with the opportunity to meet (and document) some amazing people and experience some wildly epic moments, chasing blinding dust trails through Baja or dumping the sand from his boots outside of Dubai while watching the sunset. It is his goal as a photographer to capture these moments and share the emotion of them to the world through his images.

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